“Human resources” is a factor that Navidock always emphasizes because it determines the existence and development of the business. Therefore, Navidock always builds and improves a professional working environment to create momentum for a team of “human resources” orientation to development goals and breakthroughs in work.


Work environment

Explicit – Equitable: Navidock is always explicit in all information, applying the organization’s policies to ensure all members have equal rights.

CooperationDevotion: Managers always listen and understand; colleagues are willing to share and support each other to learn and progress together to achieve common goals.

Youthful – Enthusiasm: Navidock always creates conditions for young employees to have the opportunity to learn, unleash creativity and burn hard at work.

Profession: Navidock always improves from modern equipment, dynamic working environment, fully equipped to employees’ working style.

Welfare policy: Navidock emphasizes remuneration policies such as: Annual health check, lunch allowance, comprehensive health care insurance, travel…


Culture is all values, conceptions as well as customs of each enterprise. If any business lacks cultural factors, it will be difficult to stand and survive, especially in the current integration period. At Navidock, always maintain and promote the cultural factors set out:

  • Organize training sessions to provide knowledge for new employees;
  • Celebrating the birthday for company members to create solidarity and stick together;
  • Support and share the difficult problems that employees are facing;
  • Joining hands with the community, sharing responsibility with society;
  • Especially, the Board of Directors always send wishes and encouragement to the members of the company as well as Partners & Customers during Holidays, New Year…