NAVIDOCK fully performs the maintenance and product warranty procedures that customers have purchased by the company according to the following policy:

1. Guarantee commitment

After the design and construction of the project, NAVIDOCK commits the warranty period of the project from the date of handover and putting into use, the warranty period will be specified in the contract depending on the conditions.
Currently, the company is providing products such as: Dock leveler, Awning Dock Seal, Dock Shelter airbag cover, Mobile Ramp Bridge, Lift table, with different warranties.

2. Warranty conditions, maintenance

  • Warranty only for products that customers buy directly or 3rd party stand to buy products.
  • We will carry out warranty for all technical problems, installation process.
  • When claiming for warranty or maintenance, the customer must keep a certificate of proof of purchase.

3. No warranty with the case

Warranty, maintenance will not apply to works or products damaged due to an accident, due to user misuse or purpose. Almost all details of the warranty process will be clearly stated in the contract, please read carefully and respond to sales staff to receive the best support.

4. Maintenance cost

NAVIDOCK will bear the full cost in case of an error provided by the manufacturer.
For repair, replacement or installation costs incurred by the customer, please pay according to the actual cost of the supplies and components.

5. Maintenance

Wishing to bring customers the best quality service. We also provide repair and maintenance services if required.