Model MYR02ND

Mobile Ramp Swing Lip is a rotating lip mobile bridge, helping to connect the warehouse floor and container truck, truck, support forklifts easily into the body to load and unload goods quickly and effectively.


Once the lip is connected to the barrier with the cargo body, the new forklift can start moving on the trunk of the guide to enter the pickup truck. Slack

➔ Structure mobile Ramp swing lip


➔ Specifications

Tải trọng6000kg / 12000kg
Chiều cao nâng hạ sàn1350 – 1650m
Độ dày sàn 5 – 8 mm
Chiều dài (mm)12000 / theo yêu cầu
Chiều rộng (mm)2200 / theo yêu cầu
Chiều dài phần dốc (mm)8000
Chiều dài phần bệ dốc (mm)4000
Sàn tùy chọn 1 Thép tấm gân chống trượt
Sàn tùy chọn 2 Thép tấm lưới mắt cáo chống trượt
Sàn tùy chọn 3 Lưới granting chống trượt
Bánh xe Cao su đặc
Kích thước bánh xe (mm) D = 430
Nguyên lí hoạt độngCầu dẫn container nâng hạ nhờ chân chống romooc

➔ Principle of Operation


➔ Installation process


➔ Advantages Of mobile Ramp swing lip

High strength: Sturdy steel structure provides high strength.

Flexible operation: The rotating lip bridge connects easily between forklifts and cargo trunks when there is a gap between container trucks and bridges within the permissible range.

➔ Application of mobile Ramp swing lip

Mobile Ramp Swing Lip is a solution to help release goods quickly, so it is increasingly applied in warehouses, factories, production areas, warehouses, ware houses, … where import and export activities often occur.



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