Hydraulic Loading Bridge operated by the help of hydraulic cylinders, which is a bridge between the warehouse floor and forklift, helping the transport and loading and unloading of goods take place safely and quickly. Products are commonly used in logistics warehouse, small and medium material warehouse


Hydraulic Loading Bridge fixed to the loading platform. The device is raised and lowered via control buttons. Mechanical load bridges for forklifts with a tonnage <= 4 tons, lip lifting range of + (-) 180mm

➔ Structure Hydraulic Loadding bridge


➔ Specifications

Tải trọng6 (Tấn)
B (Chiều rộng sàn)1,200 / 1,500 / 1,800 / 2,000 (mm)
H (Chiều dài sàn)1,000 / 1,500 (mm)
BL-1 (Chiều dài lip tiếp giáp sàn xe)150 (mm)
BL (Chiều dài lip)210 (mm)
Biên độ Nâng / Hạ+180 / -180 (mm)
Độ dày lip5 (mm)

➔ Principle of Operation


➔ Installation process


➔ Advantages of Mechanical loading bridge


➔ Application of Mechanical loading bridge

Mechanical loading bridge helps to connect warehouse floors and carts easily, supports loading and unloading goods quickly, so it is commonly used in small and medium-sized production areas and warehouses.



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