Model MoLB02ND

Dock Plates is a device that connects the warehouse floor and forklift trucks, making it easy to transport and unload goods.

Dock Plates is designed to be simple (like a flat piece of steel), for light-duty forklift trucks (less than 1 ton), the height difference between the trunk and warehouse floor is about + (-) 80mm to facilitate the vehicle to move over the loading bridge.

➔ Structure dock plates


➔ Specifications

Tải trọng1 (Tấn)
B (Chiều rộng sàn)1,000 / 1,200 (mm)
L (Chiều dài sàn)1,500 (mm)
BL (Chiều dài lip)300 (mm)
H (Chiều cao chân)150 (mm)
Biên độ Nâng / Hạ+80 / -80 (mm)
Độ dày lip6/8 (mm)

➔ Advantages Of dock plates


➔ Application of dock plates

Dock Plates helps to connect warehouse floors and carts easily, supports loading and unloading goods quickly, so it is commonly used in small and medium-sized production areas and warehouses.



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