Dock includes static weight and Loading weight. Static weightis when there is do not lift goods, typically 13-18 tons, while loading is during lifting. Navidock side has a type of Dock with loading capacity of 6, 8, 10 tons. For special type, please send detailed request information, which unit, then Navidock will quote and produce.

The two similar products help to reduce heat loss, help reduce collision when the container truck backs up to pick up goods and unload goods.

Motorized inflatable dock shelter, pumpable air, increased tightness. The Dock shelter does not have a motor, but a cover. In addition, Navidock also has a type of Dock Seal, like a Dock Shelter but better, instead of a cover, it is a stacked rubber.

At Navidock, there are two popular types of Dock chosen for installation: hydraulic dock leveler, mechanical dock leveler. Before mounting the Dock, the Dock pit must be constructed first.

There is also a mini Dock type. Mini Dock type is not installed under the pit but installed on the loading platform, load bearing lighter load.

Different in the way of operation, the hydraulic dock leveler has electricity, is more automated, the mechanic does not need electricity and must exert external forces to lift and lower the dock.

Usually the Dock is available without the dust-reducing bezel. If you have request for dust reduction, Navidock will flexibly do it for you.

Currently all of my warranty period is 1 year (and in that Navidock has a warranty terms attached)

Navidock’s products are 100% domestically manufactured Navidock.


To get a product price quote, a customer will normally provide Navidock: Customer name, Company name, Address, Contact information, product item of interest. What stage is that work?

Then the Consulting Department will advise and ask for all the necessary parameters and quote.

The cost of a Dock product depends on many factors such as: how much is the dock load, how is the size…? Customers will provide enough information to the Consulting Department, then Navidock will proceed to quote.

Compared with the uses that the product brings, the price of an inflatable dock shelter supplied by Nacidock is extremely reasonable and competitive compared to the market.


How many days to install the Dock depends on whether or not the Dock hole is available. When there is a Dock hole, about 2-3 working days will install the dock.

Delivery time for 1 Dock is on average 2 days. However, depending on the number of Dock and construction area conditions, delivery time may be a little longer. Navidock will survey to have construction plans before actual installation so customers can rest assured.

For projects, Navidock prioritizes surveys. This is also our strong point.


Navidock’s products from Dock leveler, Mobile Ramp, Inflatable Dock Shelter, Dock Seal, Lift table … are designed with solid structure, high durability, good bearing… so durable, adaptable with changing extreme environmental conditions.

With a system of modern equipment and technology, the factory is built separately. Dock leveler output increases each year at competitive prices. Besides, other products with raw materials imported directly from abroad, without intermediaries, will have the best prices for customers.

Depending on the type of product, size, weight… each product will have a different price, and the detailed price will be sent to the customer when providing enough information to quote.

Each product will have different installation time, time to install one product depends on the location and installation conditions of the project. Navidock always ensures to fulfill the schedule as committed on the contract for each customer.

In addition to manufacturing and providing import-export solutions, NAVIDOCK also provides installation services for Dock leveler products, Dock Seal, Inflatable Dock Shelter, Mobile Ramp, Lifting tables… in industrial zones throughout the province of Vietnam. Navidock has an installation team at Navidock with long-term experience, having installed many large projects in Vietnam, helping customers to install products correctly and quickly.