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Mobile Ramp NaviDock


Mobile Ramp it is an intermediary device that connects forklifts and containers to make it easier for forklifts to enter and exit the container. The optimal and effective solution for the goods circulation process, in order to shorten the time of loading or unloading of goods on containers, …

Advantages of Mobile Ramp

Durable: Sturdy steel structure, offers high durability.

Flexible operation:The slope of the bridge may vary depending on the user’s wishes. Brace system is integrated with gearbox to easily lift / lower the floor and is suitable for all types of trailers. In addition, the guide floor will be fitted with a front wheel system to increase the convenience of moving the floor.

Application of Mobile Ramp

Mobile Ramp is a solution to help release goods quickly, so it is increasingly applied in warehouses, factories, production areas, warehouses, ware houses, … where import and export activities often occur.