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The loading bay is a system solution to support and control import and export activities. For areas with means of transporting goods, import and export activities take place regularly such as industrial parks, commercial buildings, large-scale warehouses such as raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, logistics centers.

The design of a loading bay system will depend on many factors as architectural requirements, aesthetics, functionality, and calculate economic efficiency to choose the right designed. Typically, a Loading bay system can be designed with three mains forms such as Loading Dock is completing outside, Loading Dock completely flushing a part of the warehouse and surrounded by the warehouse. And a more modern third type is a fully enclosed warehouse.

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1. Dock leveler system

A dock leveler is seen as a bridge between the dock floor and the truck, increasing the efficiency of import and export, reducing time to 10-12 minutes/container truck. Dock leveler can be operated via the mechanical system and hydraulic system. Dock leveler Forklip are widely used in warehouses, raw material warehouses…

The product is made of high-strength steel material, with a variety of loads of 6-10 tons. Meet large volumes of cargo through hydraulic pump systems or mechanical systems.

Operating principle of Dock leveler:

  1. Hold down the ON button until Lip opens completely.

  2. Release the ON button so the floor and lip alight to touch the floor of the car.

  3. Proceed with the loading and unloading process.

  4. Hold down the ON button until the floor is fully raised.

  5. Release the ON Lip button automatically closes and the floor drops completely, ending the working process.


1. Construction of completing Dock pit

Build and complete the Dock pit by the selected Dock size. Press the iron frame V around the edge of the pit. Construction of underground electric line system. (For Hydraulic Dock leveler)

xay dung hoan thien ho dock

2. Put the Dock into installation position

Use a forklift or crane to put the Dock into the Dock pit. Depending on the mounting terrain, the Dock can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

For the Hydraulic Dock leveler, inspect and prepare power lines and place them in the proper position to connect to the Dock.

Dua doclk vao vi tri lap dat

3. Vertical link to the Dock pit

Solder the link between the edge of the Dock frame to the V-panel of the Dock pit. Check for sure welds and ensure aesthetics. Check for vibration and safety in operation.

han noi dock vao do dock

2. Dock house

Dock house is the solution to help control the temperature, humidity in the warehouse, as well as control insects. In addition, this solution is also a solution to help prevent dust from the outside environment from entering the warehouse.

Dock house is also a place for goods connection, covering above the Dock leveler, and the Dock leveler helps to protect and combine with other import and export systems to increase efficiency for goods import and export, minimizing the effects of time weather conditions, preventing heat loss, preventing insects, dust. Dock house solutions are used in many industries such as product processing, machine manufacturing, electronic components… applied in warehouses with internal areas made by you.


– Structure of Dock house: The Dock house has a solid steel frame structure, safe for users. The partitions are made of aluminum, panel… with good heat resistance and bearing capacity.

3. Dock Shelter

Dock Shelter is made of synthetic fabric material that will have high mechanical strength, heat resistance, and good water resistance. When the transport vehicle enters the import and export location, the Dock shelter the rear of the vehicle, the connection between the trunk and the warehouse to prevent loss of cold air, moisture, dust as well as insect infestation outside. Dock Shelter is widely used in logistics, raw materials warehouse, warehouse.

4. Loading Dock door

The dock door is an indispensable part of the Dock area. Dock doors are usually high Speed doors or overhead doors. This door type has the ability to control humidity, heat insulation, prevent dust, prevent insects, and automate according to each specific need to ensure cost-saving and safe operation.

High Speed Door

High Speed Door is a smart, versatile industrial door series, stable operation, absolute safety, high aesthetics.

Naviflex high speed door is a line of doors manufactured to help increase opening and closing, intelligent sensors when people and vehicles move near, prevent dust, prevent insects, heat … highly efficient. Products are applied in raw material warehouses, warehouses, or areas where special environmental and sanitary conditions are to be maintained such as industrial cleanrooms, pharmaceutical industrial buildings; food handling areas, or factory cleanrooms.

– Structure of high speed door (parameter image).

– Operating principle of high speed door

– Installation instructions

– Product selection criteria

Overhead Door

The overhead door is wind resistant, dustproof, and well insulated, and is often used as the main door of import and export (adjacent door between warehouse and outside environment).

– Structure of overhead door includes door frame, door body, bottom bar, spring system.

+ The OverHead Door body is assembled by 2 super durable steel layers, in the middle of two steel layers is a 40mm thick PU foam layer, providing sound insulation, heat insulation, and good impact resistance.

+ The bottom bar is made from 2 metal bars that help seal the surface after the door is completely closed.

+ The system of torsion springs around the drive bar helps to balance the weight of the door body and reduce the load weight of the engine.

– Operating principle: Operating under the overhead without rolling roller with 3 sliding mechanisms: vertical slide, perpendicular slide, oblique slide.

– Installation instructions

– Product selection criteria

5. Interlock system

Interlock in particular in the field of access control – access control is a system that prevents the simultaneous opening between the Dock leveler and import and export door (Overhead Door or High Speed Door) in the controlled area. The system allows opening the door of import and export to finish the Dock, and when closed, the Dock will be closed first, then the door can be closed.

The structure of the interlock system

A basic interlock system consists of:

– The controller can be either the hub unit or the card reader.

– Card reader, fingerprint device.

– Electronic lock…

6. Traffic light

Red yellow green light displays to assist light during the import and export process at night.

7. Wheel Guide

Wheel guide helps cargo trucks to enter the import-export position correctly. The Wheel Guide is usually painted in prominent yellow for easy recognition.

8. Bumper

The bumper is attached to the warehouse door to reduce collisions with trucks and forklifts.

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