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Application Of Scissor Lift Table:

Lifting goods – Lifting people – Cars, motorbikes, and warehouse machinery

Scissor Lift Table is manufactured according to European technology standards, ensuring safety for the user and longevity. Helping to lift and unload goods quickly, safely, and bring high efficiency. The focus of the Navidock lift table focuses on superior design with stable operation, the load is also designed in accordance with the needs of customers.


LIFT TABLE – SLTND is a device used for the purpose of lifting goods or people in the warehouse. The lift table is designed diversely with a variety of loads to suit many different uses.

SLTND is often applied in factories, warehouses, goods workshops, equipment… Support the lifting process safely, effectively, and quickly.



CAR LIFT TABLE – SLTND is a device used to lift and lower cars and large machinery in the vertical range thanks to its sturdy X-shaped structure.

Today, car lift tables are commonly used in car assembly warehouses and manufacturing plants to safely and efficiently lift goods and high-weight machinery. Business support takes place smoothly and quickly.


Hydraulic Lifting Machinery – SLEND is specialized equipment used to lift goods between floors in the warehouse, warehouse with large lifting capacity. Helping businesses save costs for high performance and safety.

Lifting Machinery works smoothly and is used in professional working environments such as factories, warehouses, industrial buildings, logistics…


Save time, money, increase labor efficiency, minimize risks of unsafety and automate warehouses, factories…

The Scissor Lift Table is constructed of stainless steel, selected for high-quality high-strength inputs, suitable for all types of weather. Ensuring long-term stable operation, load capacity up to 6000kg.

The safety valve system and safety signals are notified by the stickers on the device, making the operation safe.

With benefits such as helping to optimize the freight conveying system.

Navidock lift table is currently used in most areas such as food, pharmaceutical, vehicles, industry, textiles … Areas with cargo density need to be brought up and down frequently..

Application Of Scissor Lift Table:

With benefits such as helping to save labor costs, safety in transporting goods, Navidock scissor lift table is currently used in most fields such as food, medicine, vehicles, industry, textiles. … Areas with cargo density need to be brought up and down frequently.

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