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Hệ thống Dock Seal - Dock Shelter NaviDock lắp đặt tại nhà máy


System Dock seal – Dock shelter help the process of loading and unloading of goods safely and effectively, ensure stable temperature in the warehouse, control and prevent the escape of cold air as well as prevent dirt and insects from outside from entering. In addition, this system contributes to reducing collisions, ensuring safety for vehicles at the pickup location.

Dock Seal – Dock Shelter cover the rear of the vehicle to ensure the unloading process smoothly. This product is currently being used in many warehouses, seafood factories, logistics warehouses, …

Advantages of Dock Seal – Dock Shelter

Export and import of goods requires hygiene and safety to ensure that goods are exported and imported with high quality Especially for food and aquatic product processing plants, safety and hygiene conditions need to be placed on top. Dock Seal – Dock Shelter is the most appropriate solution to the issue of ensuring the quality of goods during the import and export process. Besides, reduce collision when entering the pickup position.

System Solutions Dock Seal – Dock Shelter

With the need of continuous import and export in the factory area, warehouse, meeting the needs of safety, efficiency, preventing cold steam, … NaviDock provides solutions of Dock Seal system – Dock Shelter dedicated to the area. import and export areas.