The solution of the Dock Leveler pit (also known as the Dock Leveler pedestal) is suitable for factories with limited internal area, unable to build a dock pit to install the dock on the surface of the warehouse floor. The dock pit solution allows for easy installation of the Cargo Dock outside the factory, supporting efficient import and export activities. With a sturdy, flexible frame structure and can be designed to rotate at angles (30, 45, 60 degrees) suitable for romooc not placed perpendicular to the building.

Structure of Dock Leveler pit


Rotations angles of Dock pedestal

Standard Dock rotations angles: The standard Dock pedestal is a dock that is placed perpendicular to the building, support for goods in and out to help normal import and export process.

Other rotation angles: For warehouses with a limited width of yards, there is not enough space for trucks to enter and export goods. The rotating Dock pedestal station will be a suitable option to expand enough space for trucks and container trucks to retreat into the warehouse.

Depending on the warehouse space at each factory, the survey team will measure and advise the appropriate rotation angles at that workshop to set the right rotation angle to help the vehicle enter and exit goods easily.


Dock pedestal and Dock dimensions

For the lip-folding Dock

Height of Dock: 600mm

Height of Dock pedestal: 1200mm

Hydraulic Telescopic Lip Dock leveler

Height of Dock: 600mm

Height of Dock pedestal: 1200mm

Application of the solution Dock Leveler pit

The dock pedestal solution is often applied in food processing factories, manufacturing areas, and workshops with limited internal storage area, unable to build pits for dock mounting.

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