DOCK LEVELER POTENTIAL SOLUTION Ideal for factories with limited internal space, unable to build a dock pit to install the dock on the floor floor. The dock allows easy installation of the Dock on the outside of the factory, supporting efficient import and export activities.

Structure of Dock Leveler

Cấu tạo hố Dock Leveler

The swivel-angle form of the Dock

Standard Dock rotation angle: Standard dock is the dock that is placed perpendicular to the building, supporting goods in and out, normal import and export of goods.

Other rotation angles: For warehouses with a narrow yard width, there is not enough space for freight vehicles to back and forth. Rotating dock will be an appropriate plan to expand enough space for trucks and container trucks to retreat into the warehouse.

Depending on the warehouse space in each workshop, the survey team will measure and advise the appropriate rotation angle at that workshop to make appropriate rotation angles to help the vehicle back and forth to import and export goods easily.

Các dạng góc xoay của bệ Dock

Dock Size and Dock Stand

For lip-folding Dock
Height Dock: 600mm
Height of the Pedestal :1200mm

For a sliding lip dock
Height Dock: 600mm
Height of the Pedestal :1200mm

Application of the Dock Leveler pit solution

Dock solutions are often applied in food processing plants, production areas, warehouses with limited internal floor space, unable to build a dock.