Dock house a solution to control the temperature, humidity in the warehouse, as well as control insects. In addition, this solution is also a solution that helps to prevent dirt from the external environment from entering the warehouse.

Dock House is the device that connects to the trunk, dock seal or dock shelter to cover the rear of the container car to create a closed passage to help keep the temperature of the warehouse, quality assurance for goods.

Structure of Dock House

The product has a solid steel frame structure, safe positioning for the user. Partitions made of aluminum, stainless steel, steel, panel, … have good heat resistance and strength.

Size Dock House

Kích thướctheo yêu cầu
Góc xoay90o/60o/45o/30o (theo yêu cầu)
Chiều cao sàn dock900mm – 1400mm
VáchTấm Panel PU hoặc Tôn
Độ dày tấm40/50/40/100/125
Tải trọng PU40 – 42kgm3
Máy cheTấm Panel PU hoặc Tôn
KhungThép sơn tĩnh điện
Nhiệt độ làm việc-35oC – +50oC
Màu sắcĐen, Vàng, Xanh (theo yêu cầu)

Function Dock House

Dock house covered above Dock leveler to protect dock leveler, in combination with other import and export systems to increase the efficiency of goods import and export, minimize the effects of weather conditions, prevent heat loss, prevent insects and dirt.

Connected to the trunk, combined with awnings and air bags covering the body of the car against cold air loss, preventing insects, preventing rainwater from entering inside affecting goods.


Persistent operation: Dock houses có kết cấu là khung thép vững chắc, các vách ngăn bằng chất liệu aluminium giúp chịu lực tốt.

High security: Khung thép định vị an toàn cho người sử dụng.

Easy product maintenance: The product is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.


Dock house is considered as a shielding house protecting the hydraulic raised floor system, mechanical raised floor. Therefore, the product is often installed in areas where goods import and export activities frequently take place such as: seafood processing factories, factories producing machinery, electronic components, etc. Dock house is also applied. common in warehouse area with limited area.

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