Navidock – manufacturer and supplier of modern equipment import and export solutions such as modern industrial doors such as: Hydraulic leveler Dock, Mechanical leveler Dock, Lifting table, Mobile suspension bridge, Dock Shelter, Dock Seal, … diversified applications such as manufacturing, processing, electronic technology, logistics, packaging, …

With modern equipment and technology, the factory is built separately. Each year, Navidock produces more than 220 sets of Dock leveler, 300 sets of Dock Seal – Dock Shelter, … and ensures the number of Mobile Ramp and Mobile Ramp products to meet the needs of customers.

Navidock – Quality brand, safe.

The system of equipment imported and exported by Navidock brand has achieved ISO 9001: 2015 quality, fully meets European quality standards: RoHS, HACCP, ISO, GMP

In Vietnam market, Navidock import and export support devices are trusted in large, medium and small-sized factories, factories and production facilities throughout Vietnam. Our customers operate in a variety of industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, electronic components, logistics, construction, automotive manufacturing, etc.

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Became the leading company in Vietnam in manufacturing and supplying import and export equipment systems. Along with that is restructuring professional enterprises, reaching international level.


Providing solutions for equipment imported and exported Vietnamese brands, European quality, reasonable prices, diverse models, contributing to the development of society.



Creating customers’ trust in service quality and service style, reputation on work schedule, always punctuality and compliance with commitments in the working process.


We are constantly creating value for our customers. Improve knowledge, skills and improve the lives of employees. Compliance with the law, benefit the community.


Working under a closed process, ensuring the schedule according to the plan, building a professional working environment, creating development for the employees.


Navidock constantly innovating thinking in line with modern development trends, further improving the features and quality of products, meeting all customer requirements.


Building internal solidarity from high to low, from top to bottom, from the inside out always brings credibility to the employees, the chain of distribution systems and agents.


We build a transparent and honest foundation. Trust with customers, partners, investors is maintained throughout the development of the company.



Share social responsibility

       Throughout the process of operation and development, NAVIDOCK is always associated with humanitarian activities, sharing social responsibility through practical activities to help the community such as annual fundraising, helping children. Small children with special circumstances, suffering from serious illness are being treated in hospitals.

Leading the "green" standard

     Taking the lead in green – clean standards is what NAVIDOCK wants to bring to its customers through its products. We always pay attention to safety criteria, say no to toxic substances in products to protect the environment and human health.